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Advertisement Event
« on: September 25, 2017, 12:00:02 AM »
Greetings to L2Eternal Sin players,

02th of november is not far away, that's why we decided to run a Advertisement Event with very good rewards which will be given on the grand opening day! But it's not only that! The more the posts/shouts the more the points for you!

Event Status: Active/Running
Event Ends: NEVER
Event Information:  You have to make as many topics/posts/shouts at facebook/twitter/vk/skype and Lineage 2 forums as you can and post your screenshots/proofs below.

- S Grade Weapon no SA +9 = 50 Points
- S Grade Weapon with SA +10 = 100 Points
- S Grade Weapon with SA +13 = 300 Points

1 Forum Topic: 5 Points
1 Facebook/Twitter/VK Post: 1 Point
10 Skype Shout Messages: 1 Point

Note: You can make as many posts/shouts/topics as you want per day. Just post screenshots daily to update your points.
Note: Skype Shouts to same contacts/friends count only once.
Note: If your links die you will loose those points, so be sure you're not spamming but advertising.
Note: If we find out that you're trying to cheat you will be kicked and banned from this event.

Forum Topic/Post:
Copy and paste the following code to your topic/post. If your topic doesn't look good or you need help, PM me.

Code: [Select]
★ L2Eternal Sin - Join Us Now! ★
► Site:
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Facebook/Twitter/VK/Skype Message you can use:
Just copy and paste it in a facebook group or twitter/vk or skype shout using clownfish tool.

Code: [Select]
★ L2Eternal Sin - Join Us Now! ★
► Site:
► Forum:
► Features:

Some facebook groups you can post:


Some gaming forums you can post:


Some clan forums you can post:

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